Blonde Weave In Hair Extensions

Weave In Hair Extensions

All You Need To Know About Choosing A Weave In Hair Extensions

There are various methods whereby an individual can create unique hair styles, and one of these is through the use of sewn in or weave in hair extensions. In recent years these hair accessories have gained popularity worldwide as the most effective means of applying additional hair to a head. By doing so allows you to increase volume and develop styles, but also it is a means of reducing any visible damage to hair as caused by disease or accidents. However, to utilize hair extensions efficiently you must have an understanding of the item. This article will provide a brief explanation of the weave in hair extensions and how they can be used.

The weft hair extensions come in thinly clamped strands of approximately 20 – 50 strands each. These individual extensions are then weaved in or fastened with glue at various allocated positions on the head. Extensions are made of either natural or synthetic hair, however the natural extensions are more popular and long-lasting with weaved in natural extensions offering a duration of approximately 3 months. Extensions without a weft are also available and are known as bulk hair. This loose bulk hair is usually utilized for stand bonding and independent braiding.

As is mentioned above, the weave in hair extensions offer a higher level of durability and are recommended for those who wish to keep the extension for longer periods of time. Furthermore, if you are looking to lengthen your hair, the weaved in option is best as it presents a more natural lengthy appearance. Of course, this type of extension is more costly than a glued alternative; however, the convenience of not having the extension removed when trimming or coloring the hair contributes to value for money.

There are three different techniques that can be used when gaining a weaved in hair extension – micro weaving (also known as chord weaving), cornrow braid weaving and strand bond weaving.

Micro weaving involves using thin tracks of weft hair extensions and positioning them horizontally on the scalp. The stylist will then reinforce the weaving of the extensions in a lock stitch following the natural direction of your hair. While this is very popular and can provide the highest level of durability, it is very painful as the weaving itself will place a large degree of stress on your scalp during the application.

Another popular options is that of the cornrow braid. This technique allows the hair extension to be weaved into the natural hair without any thread or glue providing a ‘cornrow’ presentation along one’s head. If you are looking for an organic and chemical-free alternative, then the cornrow braid is your best choice.

Finally, the strand bond weaving technique involves a bonding of your own hair with the hair extensions. Adhesive is used in this procedure and small sections of your hair are attached to the extension to create a natural hair movement. While this can be completed independently, it is recommended you utilize the skills of a stylist.

Choosing the ideal weave in hair extension can be a difficult task, but once you are aware of the different options you will be able to choose the ideal option for you.

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